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Fives Energy | Combustion - Cement - Fives Group

Ensuring client satisfaction with innovative combustion technology. With over 600 Pillard NOVAFLAM® burners sold, Fives has built on this success and is proud to introduce the Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution.An axial/radial V-shaped nozzle arrangement delivers …

Fives | Pillard SULFLAM® industrial burner - Fives Group

Fives' Pillard SULFLAM ® Claus burner is designed to mix combustion gases in the post-flame zone of a sulfur recovery unit (SRU), at high temperature. This is vital for an efficient Claus reaction within the furnace (2H 2 S + SO 2 ->2 H 2 O + 3/2 S 2 ).

Pillard ROTAFLAM® - Fives in Combustion

Pillard RotaFlam ® is a leading rotary kiln burner for non ferrous minerals pyroprocessing and iron ore pelletization industries.. Thanks to its patented principle, the Pillard RotaFlam ® perfectly matches the combustion specific requirements of each unique process.

Fives | Pillard ROTAFLAM® multi-fuel burner - Fives Group

Our rotary kiln burner for non-cement applications . Fives' Pillard ROTAFLAM ® industrial burner has been successfully used in numerous rotary kiln applications worldwide for more than two decades, . The burner is ideal for calcination and reduction of minerals and ores such as quicklime, dolomite, expanded clay, ferronickel, magnetite, chromium oxide, titanium oxide, lithium, iron ore and ...

Fives | Pillard Analysers and Instruments - Fives Group

Fives has more than a century of experience designing industrial burners as well as combustion and control systems used all over the world. As industrial combustion experts, we also supply a comprehensive range of innovative technology, certified instruments and made-to-measure services.

Pillard PRECAFLAM™ - Fives in Combustion

Pillard PrecaFlam is a multi-channel burner for cement kilns precalciners, allowing the efficient combustion of a wide combination of fuels. Tailor design Each Pillard PrecaFlam is tailor-designed to fit each specific precalciner type, taking into account the …

Pillard Oil burners - Fives in Combustion

Pillard Oil burners. Boilers applications. Pillard GRFlam ... Fives. About us About Combustion Career opportunities Markets / Applications Cement & Minerals Energy Metals Oil & Gas ...

Pillard Gas burners - Fives in Combustion

Thermal process equipment and services for cement & minerals, energy, metals, and oil & gas markets

Fives | Pillard LEANGASFLAM™ industrial gas burner - Fives ...

The Pillard LEANGASFLAM ™ is a flexible burner with a range of advanced features: Load capacities: from 1 to 60 MW per unit. Can operate on cold air and with cold steel gas, without rich support. Very low gas pressure: ≤100 daPa. NOx and CO levels from 60 to 100mg/Nm³@3%O₂ dry. Fives has an installed working capacity of over 2,500 MW.

Fives | Pillard Control Systems - Fives Group

Pillard control systems cover a wide range of applications: Single-burner boilers/equipment using one or multiple fuels (water-tube boilers, fire-tube boilers, HGGs, etc.) Front-fired multi-burner boilers using even multiple fuels. Heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) using …

Pillard Burners - Fives in Combustion

Pillard Burners. Burners for ignition. Pillard PackLight Pillard PowerPack Burners for fire tube boilers. Pillard LoNOxFlam G3 Pillard NANOxFlam Pillard NANOxFlam Compact Burners for water tubes boilers. Pillard gas burners ... ©2021 Fives. WeChat wechat;

Pillard Gas burners - Fives in Combustion

North American Dual-fuel burners. Gas burners. North American HiRam® and HiVAM™ High Velocity Burners. Tempest® 4441 High Velocity Gas Burner. North American TwinBed® II. North American Ultra Low NOx Magna-Flame™ GLE. North American Ultra Low NOx Magna-Flame™ LE. North American Ultra Low NOx Magna-Flame™ LEx. Oxygen burners.

Fives' Pillard PRECAFLAM™ and PRECAJET™ industrial burners ...

Fives, with its Pillard range of products, is a world leader in combustion solutions for cement plants. Our extensive experience in combustion and calciners includes the implementation of over 400 precalciner burners or injectors across global markets, for satisfied customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

Pillard Burners - Fives in Combustion

Pillard Burners. Burners for ignition. Burners for fire tube boilers. Burners for water tubes boilers. Burners for HRSG application. Burners for heaters. Burners for rotary kiln & precalcinaters. Contacts. Service ... Fives. About us About Combustion Career opportunities ...

Fives Pillard - Rotary Kiln Burner

Peers Conference 2019 – Rotary Kiln Burner Fives Pillard Rotaflam® Burner – Liquid Fuel Injectors The key parameter for a proper liquid fuel combustion is the atomization quality. The size of the fuel droplets will determine how fast it will burn and how far it will go. Thus, it is possible to change the flame

Fives | Pillard LONOxFLAM® Industrial low NOx burner range ...

Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2 . The Pillard LONOxFLAM ® G2 offers low-NOx performance for front and tangential gas firing (oil can be added as back-up fuel). Its advanced technology reduces emissions by 50-75% to as low as 50-90mg/Nm 3 @3%O₂ dry. The burner is ideal for water tube boilers, thermal plant boilers and thermal oil boilers in any kind of industry and across a range of applications ...